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American flags grace Downtown Tucson streets


American flags grace Downtown Tucson streets

Downtown Tucson, AZ, June 13, 2018 – Downtown Tucson streets will be lined with American flags this summer. American flags will adorn light poles along two popular Downtown corridors, Stone Avenue and 6th Avenue.

Local non-profit, Flags for the Flagless (FFF), has donated 30 American flags to commemorate Flag Day and other patriotic holidays this summer. This is the second year in a row Flags for the Flagless and the Downtown Tucson Partnership have partnered on a Downtown American flag display. The Downtown Tucson Partnership has donated the hardware and will install the flags.

“Seeing all the flags lining the streets Downtown reminds me of what Tucson used to be like in the 1930’s through 1950’s,” says Charley Foley, founder of FFF. “Many of the old photos I’ve seen from that time period, show a Downtown that was vibrant, busy, people lining the streets to shop and there were American flags everywhere!”

Police officers Charley Foley and Bradley Clark founded FFF after repeatedly seeing un-used flag poles throughout Tucson, AZ. Charley Foley comes from a line of veterans and Bradley Clark is a 20 year combat Army veteran. Both are mindfully respectful of all that our country stands for and what the American flag represents. They both hope to foster a sense of patriotism and pride in the community with the FFF project.

"I hope the general public sees all these flags and thinks of summers past and present.  BBQ’s, family trips, pool parties, watermelon, lemon aide, fireworks.  But that they also think of the strong military ties to Tucson and Arizona, and especially of Staff Sgt. Alexander W. Conrad of Chandler, AZ, who recently gave the ultimate sacrifice in Somalia," stated Foley. "The reason the people of our great nation can enjoy the freedoms we do, is because of men like Staff Sgt Conrad and countless others, and I hope by seeing these flags scattered throughout Downtown Tucson gives them a moment to reflect on that."

FFF, a 501(c)(3) organization, seeks out businesses, organizations, homes and schools to provide American flags for classrooms and un-used flag poles. They also take on an educational role, providing historical facts, images and American flag protocol information to the public. FFF plans to reach out to as many schools as possible, on both a local and national level, to ensure that American flags will fly in their classrooms. And they will continue to hang American flags on flag poles throughout Tucson, AZ and the USA.


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