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What We Do



DTP implements a number of enhanced municipal services for the downtown Business Improvement District (BID). The enhanced services include clean and safe initiatives, beautification, economic development initiatives, marketing, placemaking, and advocacy for projects and resources that support a vibrant and sustainable downtown.

Clean & Safe:

Our Downtown Ambassadors make downtown clean, safe, welcoming and beautiful for all.

Clean & Safe Initiatives →

Beautification & Greenscape:

Downtown Tucson Partnership beautification initiatives can be seen throughout the downtown streets, sidewalks and parks providing color and greenery year-round. We make our community beautiful, pleasant and safe by adding quality furnishings to our sidewalks.

Beautification & Greenscape Programs →

Downtown Accessibility:

Make it easier to get into and around downtown through communications to property owners, businesses and visitors. We advocate for improvements and upkeep of the transit center, adequate communication of road closures, the development of parking polices and strategies, and a seat at the table for new transportation projects and initiatives.

Get Around →

Business Recruitment and Retention:

Recruit key businesses and venues that respond to the downtown market needs including those of residents, employees, businesses and tourists. Provide support services and education to help existing businesses improve and thrive.

Business & Property Owner Resources →

Real Estate Listings →

Marketing, Communications & Promotions

Market existing and new businesses, events, parks, available spaces, business opportunities and partner resources. We promote an enhanced, vibrant image of downtown through our large following on social media and e-newsletters.

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Resource Development, Finance and Planning:

Strengthen the organization’s financing, staff, board structure and organizational development and growth.

Five-Year Strategic Plan 2022-2027 →

Who We Are →

Relationship Building:

Strengthen our relationship with merchants, property owners, developers, neighborhood groups, historic preservationists, City, County, Rio Nuevo, University of Arizona, stakeholders and partners.

Committees & Councils →

DTP Connects:

Right now through a partnership with La Frontera, individuals experiencing homelessness receive on-site interviews and assessments provided by a dedicated community engagement specialist. A DTP Ambassador accompanies the La Frontera specialist in a DTP Connects mobile unit.

DTP Connects Homeless Outreach Program →