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Another 1,000 Gift Cards Sold and $35,000 raised in just 13 Minutes!


Another 1,000 Gift Cards Sold and $35,000 raised in just 13 Minutes!

DOWNTOWN TUCSON, AZ, April 22, 2020 – Round 4 of the DTP Gift Card Incentive Program sells out again – this time in just 13 minutes! Round 3 and 4 of the program were generously sponsored by HSL Properties who incentivized an investment of $70,000 directly into downtown businesses. In four sold-out rounds, 4,000 gift cards to more than 60 participating downtown businesses have been sold, infusing $140,000 of much needed funds into downtown cash registers in a matter of days.

Under the program, people buy a gift card worth $35 for only $25. That $10 incentive is made possible through the support of a sponsor. DTP is elated to announce Bourn Companies as the generous sponsor Round 5, scheduled to be released this Friday at 6:00 a.m.!

“Our offices are headquartered right on Congress Street and we love being downtown – it’s such a unique and vibrant part of the city with amazing restaurants, shops, history and culture all just steps away,” said Don Bourn, Founder and CEO of Bourn Companies. “DTP’s Gift Card Incentive Program has given the Tucson community a wonderful way to support downtown businesses during the shutdown and the response has been amazing.  We’re excited to sponsor this Friday’s sale to help bolster our neighbor businesses and continue the momentum of support from the community.”

Downtown businesses are ecstatic about the announcement of another round of the program. Will Round 5 be the last? “We hope not,” stated Kathleen Eriksen, President & CEO of the DTP. “We’ll keep running the program as long as sponsors can be found, and Tucsonans reach into their pocketbooks to support the businesses they love!” To become a sponsor, contact Kathleen Eriksen at

Get a great deal and invest in downtown's future. Remember, the sale goes live at 6 a.m., Friday, April 24, so get your gift cards while supplies last. Cards sell fast, so set your alarm and sign on when the sale goes live! Visit for more information and a link to purchase the gift cards online.


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