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Tucson Takes Over Parma, Italy


Tucson Takes Over Parma, Italy 

Maynards Executive Chef Brian Smith is representing Tucson in sister City of Gastronomy, Parma, Italy during their annual Gola Gola Festival! He is creating an arroz con leche dish for the dessert course of an exclusive dinner during the festival. The dish showcases Sonoran ingredients such as Bacanora-soaked dates, Prickly Pear foam and White Sonoran Wheat Berries. Chef Brian did a on-air segment creating the dish and talking about the trip on KGUN9’s The Morning Blend! Be sure to check out [Maynards] Instagram, which Chef Brian has taken over, to keep up with his trip!

To see more photos of Chef Brian Smith's adventures overseas, checkout the picture blog Part I and Part II.

To learn more about Tucson's designation as a UNESCO World City of Gastronomy, click here or read an article here.