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Sentinel Peak/”A” Mountain

Category   Historic Landmarks


260 S Church Ave
Tucson, AZ 85701

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B on Turquoise Trail Map (View From Turquoise Trail): To the west you can see a basaltic peak adorned with the letter “A.” This was once a lookout for Spanish and Native American sentinels, who watched for raiders approaching the presidio as well as the mission that was located at the base of the mountain. The Tohono O’Odham called their settlement at the base of the mountain “Chuk Shon,” which means “at the black base.” This is the source of the name Tucson. The “A” was added in 1915 in a burst of University of Arizona student enthusiasm, as the result of a football victory over Pomona College. A member of the team and a civil engineering student suggested to their professor that the class should survey the mountain for a good location for an “A” for Arizona. Students worked weekends to clear the site, dig the outline of the letter and haul the mortar/water mixture up the mountain. A plaque providing more information about Sentinel Peak/”A” Mountain is located close to the Jacome Art Panel.

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