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Tucson Musicians Museum

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260 S Church Ave
Tucson, AZ 85701

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Throughout time the power of music has been recognized as a form of expression that connects us through our emotions to stories such as love, hope, pride, trust, longing, fear, regret….the list is endless. Music is an exclusive form of communication that connects us with other human beings, our inner spirits, and our past in a way that transcends the power of words. It is a universal language that we utilize to bridge cultures, genders, and generations.

TMM is working with the Tucson community to celebrate, preserve and perpetuate Tucson’s unique musical heritage and culture.

Several of the musicians and members of the community have donated and shared several hundred items including pictures, memorabilia and even their very own personal instruments. The future looks bright. Each year, the presence in the community grows stronger. Ongoing efforts are being made to continue this outstanding celebration of music and culture in Tucson.

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