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Clean & Safe

Call us for Clean & Safe support: (520) 940-1038

Our purple-shirted ambassadors work around the clock cleaning streets and sidewalks, and removing litter, weeds and graffiti. Each one of our team members is a Visit Tucson Certified Tourism Ambassador, greeting visitors and providing tourism information and directions. They connect downtown businesses, residents and employees with important information and assistance. Safety ambassadors help those in distress and keep a watchful eye on the streets, parks, properties and businesses.

14 Clean & Safe Ambassadors

Each staff member is a Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA)

101K gallons of trash collected

17,160 gallons of recycle diverted

1,095 graffiti and stickers removed (FY 22/23)

38 Bigbelly trash compactors maintained

2,082 blocks of sidewalk powerwashed

24/7 clean & safe support

We want to hear from you! From clean and safe issues to construction and street closure concerns, submit your feedback or contact the Downtown Ambassadors at (520) 940-1038 for assistance. In case of emergency call 911.

Russ Stone, Downtown Safety & Maintenance Director, (520) 940-0806

When to Call DTP for support

Our Safety Ambassadors can help with the following:

  • Safety escorts to transit stops or vehicles located downtown
  • Disorderly behavior
  • Aggressive panhandling
  • Individuals sleeping in doorways or blocking access
  • Advice on a security issue

Our Clean Ambassadors can help with the following:

  • Cleaning the sidewalk
  • Landscaping maintenance to public areas located within in the BID (excludes private property and some easements)
  • Removing minor graffiti on the building walls facing the street
  • Picking up needles or other biohazards

Safety & Police Pocket Card