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DTP Connects

Homeless Outreach Program

In collaboration with various Tucson nonprofits, Downtown Tucson Partnership (DTP) is making an effort to assist people experiencing homelessness.

Right now through a partnership with La Frontera, individuals experiencing homelessness receive on-site interviews and assessments provided by a dedicated community engagement specialist. A DTP Ambassador accompanies the La Frontera specialist in a DTP Connects mobile unit. The assessment determines whether the individual has completed a Vulnerability Index – Service Prioritization and Decision Assessment Tool (VI SPDAT). To be eligible for supportive housing, a client must first complete the VI SPDAT. The mobile unit continues to make contact with individuals every Wednesday.

Are you a nonprofit service provider that would like to get involved? Email Russ Stone at

What else does DTP do to help individuals experiencing homelessness?

  • We provide water and/or electrolyte supplements
  • We provide care kits which can include, water, sunscreen, hygiene products and information on where to find food, shelter, and other services
  • We provide clothing items new socks and underwear, and second-hand clothing like clean shoes, shirts, pants, hats and more - usually and graciously donated by ReThreads Thrift
  • DTP Ambassadors perform wellness checks on individuals who may be in distress or in need of help:
    • people laying face down and/or unconscious
    • people resting in direct sunlight for long periods of time
    • people displaying symptoms of overdose, especially opioid overdose
    • people with visible injuries
    • people who are visibly upset or crying
    • people or a group of people in an altercation
  • DTP Ambassadors will take action if a wellness check determines an individual requires additional assistance:
    • call 911 if someone requires emergency medical care
    • perform life-saving CPR until emergency medical personnel arrives
    • administer Naloxone nasal spray (Narcan) on someone with overdose symptoms
    • escort someone to a shaded area, shelter, heat respite center, soup kitchen or another service provider
    • attempt to de-escalate an altercation and/or continue to observe in case a situation turns violent
    • contact Tucson Police Downtown District officers if someone requires non-emergency law enforcement support
    • stay on-site and serve as a witness for either emergency medical care or law enforcement 

DTP Connects - an internationally awarded program

International Downtown Association (IDA) Presents Pinnacle Award Recognizing DTP Connects Program

DTP Ambassadors have taken the following trainings:

  • Narcan (Naloxone) Overdose Response Training through the Pima County Health Department, Community Mental Health and Addiction Program
  • De-Escalation Training through the Tucson Police Department

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