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Business Improvement District

About the BID

54 Block Area

193 Acres

394 Properties

7.8M Building Square Feet Assessed

73 Food & Drink Establishments

82 Shops, Service & Entertainment Establishments

8 Theatre & Performance Venues

1055 Multi-Family Residential Units

4 Sun Link Streetcar Stops with an Average Daily Ridership of 2,400 Passengers

Ronstadt Transit Center is one of three transit centers in the city

80% of Metro Tucson's visitors visit downtown (Visit Tucson)

561 Hotel Rooms

The “Downtown Tucson Enhanced Municipal Services Improvement District,” known as the Business Improvement District, or BID, was created in 1998 pursuant to state statue and has been extended every five years since then. The services provided to property owners and businesses within the BID are economic development, clean and safe initiatives, marketing, programs and relationship building. The Downtown Tucson Partnership was formed specifically for the purpose of providing enhanced municipal services to the BID, which the City of Tucson has determined in its Enhanced Services Agreement (ESA) with us that we can do more efficiently and effectively than the City.

Map of the BID

How We're Funded

All private properties located in the BID are subject to an annual assessment from the Pima County Assessor's Office. Government-owned properties are not subject to an annual assessment, however the City of Tucson (through the Enhanced Services Agreement), Pima County and Rio Nuevo all contribute in lieu of what they normally would be assessed if their properties were privately owned. DTP Staff and Board raise additional funding through generous sponsors and partners.

Map of the BID


Thank You to our Funding Partners