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Business Resources

DTP provides multiple resources and programs to support downtown businesses. To be eligible for these opportunities, businesses must be located within the downtown Business Improvement District (BID) and the property owner must be up to date on BID payment.

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Read the latest Downtown Business Update:

Business Update Winter 2022


Business Support, Programs and Engagement


Clean and Safe Support

Our purple-shirted ambassadors work around the clock seven days a week keeping the sidewalks within the Business Improvement District clean and safe. They report to non-emergency calls from businesses, remove litter from sidewalks, remove weeds and debris, remove biohazards, abate minor public facing graffiti and stickers, and more. Each of our team members is a Certified Tourism Ambassador, greeting visitors and providing information on downtown.

Clean & Safe Initiatives →

When to Call DTP for support

Our Safety Ambassadors can help with the following:

  • Disorderly behavior
  • Aggressive panhandling
  • Individuals sleeping in doorways or blocking access
  • Advice on a security issue

Our Clean Ambassadors can help with the following:

  • Cleaning the sidewalk
  • Removing minor graffiti on the building walls facing the street
  • Picking up needles or other biohazards

Downtown Safety & Police Pocket Card →


Merchants and Retail Council

The Downtown Merchants and Retail Council is a group of active business members in Downtown Tucson that includes owners, operators and staff of retail, restaurants, shops, hotels, services, museums, theaters, bars and offices. Attend quarterly meetings and engage with your business community.

Learn more about the Merchants and Retail Council →


Marketing, Communications & Promotions

DTP markets existing and new downtown businesses, events, parks, available spaces, and business opportunities. We promote an enhanced, vibrant image of Downtown Tucson.

Learn More and See Our Reach →


Beautification & Greenscape

Downtown Tucson Partnership landscaping initiatives can be seen throughout the downtown streets, sidewalks and parks providing color and greenery year-round. We make our community beautiful, pleasant and safe by adding quality street furnishings to our parks and sidewalks.

Merchant Planter Program →

Beautification & Greenscape Programs →


Keeping Your Property and Business Safe

The health and safety of downtown Tucson is the DTP’s #1 priority. We work closely with the Tucson Police Department (TPD) to ensure that your properties remain safe as possible.

Fixes and Strategies for Safe Property →

Downtown Safety & Police Pocket Card →


DTP Connects Houseless Outreach

In collaboration with various Tucson nonprofits, DTP is making an effort to assist houseless individuals and reduce homelessness in our city. Through a partnership with La Frontera, individuals experiencing homelessness receive on-site interviews and assessments provided by a dedicated community engagement specialist via a DTP Connects mobile unit accompanied by our Safety Ambassadors. The assessment determines whether the individual has completed a Vulnerability Index – Service Prioritization and Decision Assessment Tool (VI SPDAT). To be eligible for supportive housing, a client must first complete the VI SPDAT. The mobile unit continues to make contact with individuals every Wednesday.

DTP Connects Homeless Outreach Program →


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